Jean-François Martel

Jean-Francois Martel, former gymnast and active member of the hand to hand balancing duo Acrobazia, offers his impressive Mystic Cube act, which is available alone or in addition to the presentation of Acrobazia.

Handling with grace and agility a cube which is said to be the heaviest to have ever been used in a Mystic Cube act, Jean-François Martel gives an eloquent demonstration of his knowledge and of his incredible physical force.

Amazing and stunning the audience with their talent and expertise, Jean-François Martel and his partner in Acrobazia, Christian Paquet, have given memorable performances throughout the world, including Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, the Superbowl XXXIV and the Annual Film Fare Awards in India. Jean-Francois Martel’s Mystic Cube act is an excellent choice for all types of events, galas, corporate events, private functions, business meetings, product launches, and others.

Jean-François Martel trains currently at

* Please note that Jean-Francois Martel also performs a spectacular Cyr Wheel act.

hoto de Jean-François Martel tenant un cube en métal